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Body Mind Performance LLC is founded on the three pillars of performance: 

1. Physical Body being in peak shape 

2. The Mind being confident & ready for competition

3. Education and Application of soccer skills to perform well on the field.

BMP is the only company in Jacksonville, Florida that can offer Strength & Conditioning, Mental Performance Coaching and Technical Soccer Coaching in one place. 

At BMP, we believe that everyone is different and tailor our training specifically to the individual. We are passionate about creating a training experience that is enjoyable for every athlete that aids their development as a person and as a player. 

Get in touch today to start becoming the best version of yourself. 



Throughout the previous year my fitness and health took a back seat. When I was looking for a Personal Trainer, I wanted someone who understood my needs, my body type and what type of training I responded well to. Although the training was done via social media, it didn't make the experience any less attentive and bespoke. Emily really understood my goals and created a plan that I not only could stick to but a plan that I truly enjoy doing. Emily has changed my outlook on fitness and health and has put on a path with achievable and pleasing end goals. I would recommend her training programme to anyone!

Marcus nodwell

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