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take your training to the next level


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Body Mind Performance is dedicated to developing elite well rounded soccer players helping them take their game to the next level.

BMP is the only company in Jacksonville, Florida that can offer technical soccer training, strength & conditioning and mental performance in one place. Whatever your ambition is, whether it is making varsity, playing ECNL, college or playing professionally; Body Mind Performance can help make those dreams a reality.

Body Mind Performance aims to make you the complete player by coaching you:

1. To be the fittest and strongest player you can be

2. To be technically competent and confident enough to dominate on the field

3. To be mentally tough enough to overcome any barriers to performance

If you want to become the best version of yourself, get in touch today.



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Specialised coaching for individuals looking for detail orientated feedback. We pride ourselves on being able to give clear coaching that is applicable immediately.  

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This group training is aimed at all players, no matter their ability. We believe to take your soccer to the next level, you have to be training in the gym too. We aim to teach the foundations of strength, speed and agility and monitor each players progress to be able to see the results on the field. 

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Overcome mental barriers such as confidence, negative self talk, self doubt and fear of failure that are preventing you from being your best on and off the field.

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